How long does it take to setup the platform?

Setting up the platform is a breeze, and under optimal conditions, it typically takes less than 24 hours to have it up and running smoothly. However, please keep in mind that the actual setup duration can vary depending on several factors and whether all prerequisites are met. Rest assured, our team is committed to making the process as efficient as possible, ensuring you can dive into your platform experience at the earliest convenience.


Will the platform be hosted on my servers?

The platform is designed to be hosted within our secure server network. If you choose the monthly payment option, your platform will be hosted on our servers, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. However, we do offer options for customer hosting in specific cases, provided that all necessary criteria are met. Our goal is to provide you with flexibility and the best hosting solution that aligns with your requirements.

Do you provide support for after sales?

Yes, we certainly provide support for after-sales. Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn't end with a purchase. We're here to assist you and address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience throughout your journey with our product or service. Your success is our priority.

Do you provide any additional services?

Absolutely, we offer a wide range of additional services to cater to your specific requirements. With over 7 years of experience in this industry, our expertise extends to various aspects of the automotive sector, including creating comprehensive online platforms for car parts stores and developing straightforward yet effective landing websites. Furthermore, we have the capability to customize and modify our portal to suit your unique needs, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your business goals and objectives. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities.